Bring your 3D model into the World! = Advance Design Engineering-Leadership & Action for Augmented Reality (AR)

We can bring your 3D model (house, vehicle, product, concept design or any ideas) in AR using GPS data.

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Our Augmented Reality (AR) models

We love to use 3D models in AR and show them to the world. app

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Welcome to our website

What we can say? We love to show 3D models in AR. You like to show your dream house in AR with the real world environment?


Here is new new User Interface (UI):

           Loading model bar
           Screen record
           User Account
          Edit Model
          GPS Location
          Your Models

Meet out goals

Here is our status on app availability

We are lunching the App on iOS and Android.  You can load your own 3D model and view it for free in AR !


App Code Design


App UI (User Interface)


App Web Site

In Few Words

What our customers write about us

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You show your virtual model to all your friends, any time! The model is there in AR for one year, use your phone and see it!

Alina Miruna

You can see it, measure it, change it and show it to your clients. You load a model and is all for free for rest of people!
It works!!!!!

Mac Works


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